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A Crafty Birthday Story

I designed a few fun wreaths to make with a wreath form, stamped accessories, ribbon, and some clothespins. These wreaths were a hot trend in some of the crafty Facebook groups I belonged to. I held a few classes to teach others how to make these wreaths. One of those classes was on my birthday!

Meghann and I loaded up my car with all the supplies to teach the class and we headed out. Having a December birthday means the odds are good that there will be snow. I had a lot of childhood birthday fun canceled due to weather. Now that I’m an adult I get to make my own choices regarding weather and thought we’d be fine if we took the drive slowly.

We got to the Tobin Bridge and the car was acting off. I pulled off the road at the top of the bridge and got into a space where the work vehicles usually park. I thought perhaps a nice policeman might drive by and check on why there was a car where it should not be but that did not happen. We had a flat tire. The car was pretty new and I wasn’t sure where all the things were but I managed to find the jack, lug wrench, and spare tire. I got everything changed and we were on the way again. We’d left early enough that even with our mishap we were at class at the start time although I was pretty damp.

Class went really well and the ladies who came out loved their wreaths:


After class, Meghann and I went for pizza at one of my favorite pizza places, Town Spa.




Nobody here but us Chickens

After years of planning out events for fun, we took the leap and took some official event planning classes. After getting our certificates we’re making it official and launching our own event planning business.

We’ve love a themed event and throw at least six a year just for the fun of it. We’re also not above being a little silly and we often have thematic head wear. Here we are ready for a Halloween craft fair:

Together, we have planned everything from small family dinners and birthday parties for all ages to non-profit fundraising events, wedding showers, and even a museum exhibit with reception. Here we are poking out of one of the photo op spots at the museum exhibit:

Why The Crafty Coop? Many moons ago we attended a fundraiser with our husbands and needed a team name.  As a joke we used The Sacrificial Chickens and the name stuck.  We now use chickens for everything!

What are you going to see here on our blog?  Updates on what we’re working on, party planning tips and tricks, pictures from some of our past events, and items from our Etsy shop!  We hope you will follow us on our new adventure and visit us here and on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest.

Want some help planning an amazing event? Want some fun favors you’re not going to find on the shelf of a big box store? Need some hand made goodies for an event? Get in touch!

Meghann & Kathy