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Nobody Here But Us Chickens – Beanbag Style!

As I continue along with my quest to sew fun things that are not masks I discovered this post from GlueSticks about tiny chicken beanbags! I knew with our love of all things chickens that I needed to make these.

I had a little down time on my lunch break from work so I cut out all the beaks and combs from felt:

So many tiny pieces of felt!

Then I cut some fabric rectangles and after some trial and error on the placement managed to make some empty chickens:

Flat Chicken!

I got everyone all stuffed and clipped – I love these clips instead of pins for 99% of my sewing projects.

Finally I sewed everyone closed and here’s my finished conga line of tiny chickens:

Chickens on parade…

Now I’m wondering what other animals I could make this way!

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