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Take Me Out to the Ball Game – Upcycled Game Crafts

With the lovely weather and the end of spring training it is time to bring a little baseball into our crafting with these items made from a Red Sox Monopoly Game and a Red Sox Scrabble Game.

The game boards become trinket boxes. The Scrabble game became the tiniest trinket box I’ve made so far. The original board was shaped like a baseball diamond and it took some creative cutting to put a cohesive box together.

Finished boxes ready to go.

We then took the Scrabble pieces – which are adorably shaped like baseballs – and made signs using the racks and banners using coordinating ribbon.

Batter up!

The cards and money became bookmarks:

Get reading!

And the pieces and extra letters became wine charms:

A set of five wine charms.

What else can we make from the pieces of a board game? What would you like to see us try? What game do you think we could make something fun from?

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