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Sewing Something New – Fleece Heart Hand Warmers

In my quest to find new things to sew and to use supplies I already had on hand – I found these adorable hand warmers from Patchwork Posse. I did not have a convenient pile of felted sweaters but I did have some fleece from previous projects so I made the executive decision to substitute fleece and follow the rest of the instructions as written.

I made a heart template at a size I felt would make nice pocket filling hand warmers. I then traced it onto my fleece and my lining fabric – remnants from my mask making.

I love these little lady bugs!

I also had some pink fleece that was more Valentine appropriate and decided to do a batch of those as well.

Peace and Love for Valentine’s Day!

I got everything sewed as instructed and then filled them all with rice – probably filled more than is typical given how awkward it was to make the final finishing stitches – but here they are filled, clipped to keep the rice inside, and awaiting their turns at the sewing machine.

Sitting atop my bin fabric. I often have many WIPs.

Of course this was about when I realized I could not find my pinking shears anywhere. I have no idea where they escaped to but I had to get new ones. Ordinarily this would mean a quick errand out to buy a pair but with the pandemic I had a pair delivered. The poor little hand warmers all had to wait!

But they came out so cute – definitely worth the wait!

These were fun to make and the fleece is soft on the hands. I’m going to have to experiment with some other shapes in the future.

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