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Quilled Pride Hearts

Over Christmas break I decided to try a new craft, paper quilling! It’s been a fun journey and while it’s super fiddly (rolling small pieces of paper and gluing them, there’s not a lot more fiddly than that!), I also find it kind of a zen experience once I get in the zone.

After trying my hand at a making a bunch of different quilled shapes, I decided to try gluing them to things! With Valentine’s coming up, hearts were a natural choice.

One thing I really wanted to do was to offer representation for others in our Valentine’s offerings, and these pride hearts were born!

So I’ve been making different hearts patterned after Pride flags, with help from my oldest kiddo. They’re great at steering me toward the appropriate flag options.

These hearts are a ton of work, so we will be offering them on a made to order basis in the Etsy shop starting this week!

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