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Sewing Something New – Fabric Bins

One of my new year promises to myself was that I would sew something that is not a mask. I was looking for something simple enough that I felt I could be successful in completing the project – yet with some aspect that I had never tried before so I could expand my skillset – plus it needed to be fun and possibly something we could add to our shop. I normally follow this blog for stamping information but Chic’n Scratch had this tutorial about making fabric baskets that was a perfect fit for meeting my new year promise.

I pulled out my fabric stash and took over the island in our kitchen for cutting and ironing purposes. That island was the best thing we ever added to this house. We have made so many fun projects there both baking and otherwise.

I took this picture at this angle to maximize the island and minimize the surrounding clutter.

I had never used the fusible fleece interfacing that gives the bin the structural integrity to stand up. This was my “expand my skillset” piece of the project. It was very easy to use – cut to size and iron onto the fabric as directed.

See how nicely this part stands up? That is the fusible fleece.

I was heartened to see that in her video Angie talks about how she’s converted almost completely from pinning sewing projects to clipping them. I sometimes feel like a hack using the clips but they are so much easier and they don’t poke me – points she makes as well. It was affirming to have someone else say these things! You can see some of the clipped pieces in this picture as well as my stack of inside out pieces that I just finished cutting all the corners off of.

So many tiny corner squares.

I’m not going to attempt to document the way you have to put the right sides together, sew, and then flip everything the other way and sew again. The video in the linked post gives plenty of instructions on that and it went better than I thought.

This is my first completed bin!
Then I went on to make a bunch more!

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