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The Best Gays

My daughter has a little group of friends who have dubbed themselves “The Best Gays.” They are all somewhere different in how they identify and represent most of the letters in the LGBTQ acronym plus a few that are commonly left out. Normally they congregate at our kitchen table and play music from their Spotify “Best Gays” playlist and giggle and make art together. Being on quarantine has left them chatting online and missing each other a lot. They decided to do a Secret Santa to bring some holiday cheer

My daughter got a cute gift for her secret person but she also wanted to do something for the other members of their group. This is where I came in. I made custom candy labels and bagged candy:

Hershey Nuggets are perfect for this.

Then we wanted something else so I suggested an ornament to commemorate the group. I had plenty of wooden snowflakes left from making the “Fuck 2020” ornaments to send to my family this year. We added a rainbow and had the banners say “Best Gays” for a much more cheerful sentiment:

They really are the best!

Now that the Secret Santa deliveries have been made and everyone has gotten their goodies I can share this post with the internet. These were well received and if you’re reading this and thinking “I have an idea for something I’d love to give my friends but I don’t want to make them myself” always remember that we love custom orders!

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