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Season of Baking

December is my season of baking. I make lots of cookies, treats, candy, fudge, cakes, etc. Usually our treats get sent to family members, friends, my husband’s co-workers and the kids teachers. This year, I’ll have to find a way to cut back or we’ll be eating Christmas treats until Valentine’s Day! I thought I’d share a few of our favorites here.

My kids favorite sugar cookies are these soft cookies with frosting.

One of my favorite treats is millionaire’s shortbread, which I haven’t made in ages, maybe this year is a good time?

Another favorite cookie at our house is chocolate crinkle cookies. They’re even better with mint chips!

Many years ago, I was handed over the responsibility of the family carrot cake. My grandmother used to make it every year and when she got to frail I started making it for holidays. It’s my dad’s absolute favorite and my boys even love it! (pro tip…omit the nuts and make extra frosting!)

Last year I decided to make something my mom had made for years when I was a kid….homemade chocolates! My mom’s recipe is the same as the basic recipe here and then we add all sorts of flavorings….orange, strawberry and raspberry were favorites. We even tried root beer flavoring! These are definitely a labor intensive treat, but well worth the results.

What are you favorite holiday treats? Post links in the comments, I love to try new recipes!

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