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oh Tannenbaum

I love Christmas trees. I love the sparkly lights. I love ornaments. I love everything about my Christmas tree. When we travel, we buy ornaments as souvenirs, so it’s always a bit of a trip down memory lane. We put our tree up recently and I wanted to share a little bit of our tree with you guys.

Each year we purchase a new ornament with everyone’s name on it, my mom started my husband and I on this tradition our first Christmas and we’ve kept it every year. The kids love to put their “first” Christmas up each year. We collect ornaments from all sorts of things, this ornament was from a trip to see the Nutcracker with my daugther.

This little smores ornament came from my family tree growing up and when my husband and I got married, my parents let me choose some ornaments to take for our own tree. My dad was a little sad I picked this one, because it’s one of his favorites too! And of course we needed chicken ornaments! This one came from a trip to Mexico.

Both of these ornaments also came from an outing with my daughter…..we saw Beauty and the Beast live with my parents a few years ago. It was such a magical evening!

My kids and I are in a fight about whether white lights are better or the multicolored lights are better……what do you think? Show us your trees! The more twinkle lights the better!

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