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Family Traditions

Before we had children, my husband and I started going to my parents house for Christmas every year. We continued doing this after our kids were born. It was a time to all be together and enjoy the season. However, as my children got older, I wanted to start traditions that were just our families and not wait for the traditions of my youth. And so, our own weird little advent tradition was born.

Each year I make a list of things we want to do in December……put up our tree, watch Christmas specials, go look at Christmas lights, celebrate Cedric’s birthday, read holiday books, etc.

And they get split up over the month. Most years there are special outings….dinners out, seeing the Nutcracker or a play (the year pictured below, we’d gone to Beauty and the Beast) trips to the Zoo or the Science Museum. Of course, this year will be different.

Our surprise activity goes into a bag, generally with a little piece of candy for everyone. This is an activity the kids look forward to every year. For 2020, I thought we could all use a little pick-me-up and I got everyone their own advent calendar to open along with our activities. The boys got Lego ones, my daughter got a nail polish set, my husband one with fidget toys and I bought myself a hot chocolate calendar!

What are some of your traditions?

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