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Featured Listing – Monopoly Money Rosette Ornaments

When I finished all the decorations for my Bespoke Monopoly Tree for Buttonwoods there were a fair amount of game pieces left over so I made some bonus ornaments and they are currently up in our Etsy Shop!

So much paper folding!

These ornaments are fun and whimsical and I love how they come out once they are all finished but they are certainly labor intensive. Each ornament is six pieces of money folded accordion style then in half and all attached together. I believe I burned myself with the hot glue at least twice for each ornament. Definitely a labor of love! My husband was a great help in drilling the houses and hotels so I could string the twine through them to make the loops used to hang the ornaments on the tree.

I think these pink ones are my favorite. I happened to have the perfect coordinating pink burlap for the centers! I think it adds a nice bit of texture to these.

You might have noticed there aren’t any $50 or $100 ornaments in this batch and the only $500 representation comes from the multicolored ornaments. This has to do with the distribution of money in the game box. I made the garland for the tree in a pattern using each bill in ascending order on repeat until I ran out of $50s and $100s. I made rosettes with the rest.

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