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A Pair of Ribbon Wreaths

I’ve always loved pretty wreaths. I’ve made them from a variety of materials over the years: flowers, clothespins, fabric, ceramic, and ornaments. I had some gorgeous wide wired ribbon that I thought would make great wreaths – please let me know your thoughts!

If either of these wreaths is a must have for you – they are both available in our Etsy shop.

I made the purple wreath first. I wish I had taken in process photos of this wreath. It was such an experimental piece for me that I wasn’t sure I wasn’t going to just take it all apart at the end so I was busy with the making and not planning ahead. I love the shiny gold ribbon and the purple burlap gives the wreath texture and contrast:

So pretty and so poofy!

With one successful wreath done I had enough shiny gold ribbon left to combine with a roll of peacock ribbon I got and never knew what to do with. I opted not to add a bow to this wreath because it seemed like it would be too much:

Peacock ribbon is so pretty.

Which wreath is your favorite? Should I have added a bow to the peacock wreath? What kinds of wreaths do you like?

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