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A Little Giveaway

It’s been a tough year, huh? I think we’ve all cycled from “everything’s fine, I can handle this” to “is this ever going to end?” and back through the full spectrum of feelings. I have been a stay at home mom since my daughter was born, 16 years ago, but things have changed along the way….my kids were all going to school every day, so I had time to myself to pursue things for me and quiet, which I really enjoyed. And all of a sudden, not only are my kids all home everyday all day, but my husband is also home, trying to work. It’s been an adjustment for all of us. And so, I’ve been trying to find things the good things. As we look back on this year, so different from all the rest, I’m trying to find the good things I got out of it.

So, what good have I taken away? I took up watercolor painting after a years long hiatus. We undertook a mild redo of one of the rooms in our house. I’ve seen my kids be innovative in finding ways to connect with their friends and the world around them. I’ve seen them form stronger attachments to each other. I’ve seen my middle son develop a love of reading (something I despaired would never happen). My husband and I developed a love of long drives (I do need to escape the house sometimes!) My daughter made mask, upon mask, upon mask, not only for our family, but for friends and the community at large.

So what does this all have to do with a little giveaway? Earlier this year my son’s favorite author published the final book in a series and I got them tickets to the virtual book tour and with it came copies of the book! But we accidentally ended up with one too many copies and now I want to give that copy to one of you! Along with the book you will get an assortment of our handmade bookmarks! So, how do you get this fabulous prize? Easy!

Step 1: Comment here on our blog with something good you’ve gotten out of this year.

Step 2: Go to Instagram, follow us and comment on the giveaway post there! Tag a friend for an extra chance.

Step 3: Go to Facebook, follow us there and comment on the giveaway post! Tag a friend for extra chances to win!

We’ll draw a name on December 13th and ship your prize out to you by our Christmas shipping deadline.

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  1. Amanda Milner Amanda Milner

    Despite getting covid, I’ve met so many lovely people in my long hauler support group and have made a lot of friends from all over the world!

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