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Bespoke Monopoly Tree for Buttonwoods’ Festival of Trees

Last year I volunteered at Buttonwoods’ Festival of Trees. I loved the creativity on display and decided that for this year I would decorate a tree for the festival in my favorite theme: Monopoly. In 2017 I won their “Host your own Exhibit” contest and put my entire Monopoly collection on display.

My husband and I braved the store to find a suitable tabletop tree to decorate. We needed to do a small tree because we needed to be able to transport a fully decorated tree to the museum for delivery. I wasn’t comfortable spending the time needed inside the museum to set up and decorate a full sized tree. We chose this tree from Walmart. It fit our size requirements at 3 feet tall and it came pre-lit with white lights. The biggest feature was the box that served as a tree stand. That box got quite the makeover to match our theme. Some paint and paper turned it into a lovely die.

I then started working on the garland. A paper garland chain made of Monopoly Money.

I laminated all the property cards, chance cards, and community chest cards. Once laminated and cut out I punched holes for string and made them into ornaments.

I took some of the money not used in the garland to make medallion ornaments. These take so much paper folding and hot glue!

The game I took apart for this project came with a plastic card corral for the property cards. I felt this would be a great statement piece for the topper. I added more folded money to make a corona of sorts and a string of battery operated lights to give it added emphasis.

We left the board intact as the box sits centered on it as if the board were a tree skirt. Here’s our tree all finished:

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