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Flamingo Ornaments

Every year we make an ornament as a gift for our family and friends. This year we made a flamingo ornament because of our daughter’s deep and abiding love for flamingos. I found a stamp on that encapsulates exactly the type of flamingo my daughter represents. Sadly, the set is currently unavailable as I am writing this.

I stamped the flamingo on wooden slices, also found on, that I’ve used before for other ornaments. It is important to prime them first when stamping and coloring to prevent the ink from bleeding. I essentially whitewashed the ornaments with a watered down acrylic paint before stamping:

All the ornaments dry and awaiting stamping.

I stamped every slice and then colored the flamingos with some new markers a friend gave me:

The slices come with twine and I used that to make loops for the ornaments to hang from. The final touch was to write on the back of each one the year and our names to personalize these annual keepsakes.

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  1. Lynda Garrett Lynda Garrett

    I would love to purchase one for my brother in law

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