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Month: June 2018

Llama Custom Bouquet

For Meg’s daughter’s 8th grade graduation we determined a custom llama bouquet was necessary. We found some llama themed paper and used this opportunity to try some new flowers and expand beyond the roses I’ve been making.

These swirly paper flowers looked like fun so I recreated them as best as I could. The paper I was working with was colorful on only one side and much thicker than the tissue paper used in the instructions but I think they came out cute!

Then I wanted to try the fringe scissor flowers illustrated in this video. Again though I was working with thicker paper than illustrated and without the benefit of the now discontinued “Sticky Strip” adhesive used in the video. I do have those exact fringe scissors from Stampin’ Up! though and they are very nice. Here’s my fringe flower with a center from a punch I had hanging around.

I used my Stampin’ Up! Daisy Punch to make the next flower variety. I layered the punches with dimensional adhesive and curled the petals.

At one time I had quite a few flowers sitting in various stages of waiting for the glue to dry.

Finally I mocked the bouquet in floral foam and an empty vase to see if I had enough flowers. Here you can also see the llamas I fussy cut from the paper I was using.

Finally the llama bouquet made it to its intended recipient. We used a llama water bottle as the vase and put some glass rocks inside to keep it stable and hold the flowers in place. These are easy to remove so that she can use the water bottle as intended.


A few things…….

The last few weeks have been full of busy family life, the end of school craziness and some behind the scenes work.  Summer will soon be upon us and so a few housekeeping matters…….


First off, a happy Father’s Day to all of you out there.  We’re having a little bbq later today!

Second, The shop will be going into vacation mode starting Friday, June 22 until Sunday, July 1st.  My inlaws are coming to town and we’re off to Maine for a stay on the lake.

When we get back there will be some new items coming to the shop, including some one-offs of things we had at the comic con!

As the spring show season winds up, we’re looking at a fairly quiet summer.  We’ll be trying out new items in the shop, prepping for the big 4th of July shindig and getting ready for the fall.

The kids got to attend a local Harry Potter festival in May and had so much fun!

Which brings me to my last item, we’re getting ready for 2 big shows this fall.  You’ll find us at Tattersall Farm Day September 9th and November 10th we’ll be attending the 11th Annual Christmas Fair at St Luke’s in Plaistow NH.

There will be lots more as we get closer, but in the meantime, everyone enjoy their summer vacations!