Pray for Layla Grace

I just wanted to write a quick post on this precious little girl Layla Grace. I started following her mother Shanna on twitter @laylagrace a couple of months ago. She would give periodic updates on how Layla was doing. But then on January 25th  there was a post on her blog saying that the doctor told them that Layla who is two only had a couple of months left at best.  I cried when I read this post because all I could think about is how I would feel if this was Boo both girls birthdays are in November and they are both two.  This has really touched me. I can’t even imagine what her mother Shanna and her family are going through.  But even with this diagnosis from the doctors they are not giving up they are fighting hard and praying that God will still perform a miracle for this sweet little girl.

Please pray for Layla and her family especially today Layla’s picc line is not functioning properly (this is how she receives her morphine) so they are at the hospital if they can’t get it to work then they will have to perform another surgery and since her body is so weak any surgery with anesthesia could end badly.  So as you go about your day please pray for a miracle, pray for complete healing for Layla. God is able to do this but if he chooses not to then please pray for her family during this very difficult time that He will give them comfort and strength.  I know I am.

Layla Grace age 2

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